BCM310 Driverless Car

I remember when i start learning to drive, the feeling of freshness make me want to drive everyday.With the time is passing gradually, heavy traffic jam  make me feel weariness, i am tired of driving.Driving pleasure is also disappeared. Once the driving pleasure vanished,  car was just a transport for most people. If people do … More BCM310 Driverless Car

BCM310 Transgenic Salmon

Transgenic animals are animals that have had a foreign gene deliberately inserted into their genome(whatisbiotechnology,n.d.) .The technology of transgenic animals began in the early 1980s, and soon became an important way to study the function of animal genes. It fostered animal that could provide transplantation organ for human, cultivated animal models of human diseases. The … More BCM310 Transgenic Salmon

Media Regulation

Everyone has the right to spread information in Internet, with the development of we-media, not only celebrities are faced with the trouble that their rights and interests is likely to be violated deliberately or accidentally, but also ordinary people are force to confront this kind of problem that their daily life is affected by media … More Media Regulation

Attention Economy

I did a little experiment which is about attention, my roommate Lukas is the experimental subject, I tested his concentration on browsing different types of websites. On the first night, he looked for some news information for 2 hours, during this time, he checked twitter or opened social software every 15-20 minutes. On the second night, … More Attention Economy

Collaborative Ethnography Research

Ethno means a group of people or a culture community, Grapy means portrait. Therefore, ethnography means human portrait. This is a life portrait of people, who live with their clansmen.“Collaborative ethnography, then, is both a theoretical and a methodological approach for doing and writing ethnography.”(Lassiter,2005) As far as I am concerned, collaborative ethnography is an … More Collaborative Ethnography Research